3 Reasons You Should Consider Switching to LED Lights

If you’ve ever vacationed in an RV before, you may notice that most lights in the rig are LED. There’s a good reason for this. LED lights require less energy to run than other types of bulbs. This is a lifesaver when you take an RV to campgrounds without shore power.

LED lights work exactly the same at a home or business. You save on energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint. Also, if a storm knocks the lights out and it switches over to backup power, your generator will last a much longer time with LED lights than other types. Here are a few other reasons you should make the switch.

Helps the Environment
Some people choose LED for the obvious benefit to the environment. Not only do you rely less on fossil fuels, but LEDs are not manufactured using mercury. When you discard of LED bulbs, this helps to reduce all the mercury piling up at landfills that can leach into water supplies and pose serious health risks.

Lasts a Long Time
LED lights rarely fail and can last up to 50,000 hours. That’s more than five calendar years of lighting if left on continuously. This is up to 10 times the rating of a CFL, up to 25 times that of halogen bulbs and roughly 50 times that of incandescent bulbs. You can spend less time and money on replacing bulbs.

Cost Is Worth It
In the past, LED bulbs were way beyond the economic reach of everyday customers. Those days are long gone. Customers can now purchase not only regular LED bulbs but even smart LED lights with sensors. Some even accept commands through Alexa or Google. The energy savings over time also help to reduce the overall cost of using these bulbs instead of their contenders.

Are you ready to upgrade the lights in your building and save money? Contact Progressive Energy Solutions by calling 720-487-1521 or emailing us today for more information. posted: December 30, 2019
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Avoid These Common LED Conversion Mistakes

Make the change to LED lighting to enjoy brilliant illumination, long-lasting light, and cost-effective solutions for your commercial location. As you research LED and gear up for a partial or full LED conversion, avoid these common mistakes to make the conversion hassle-free and efficient for your business.

Trusting the Printed Rated Life Calculation
All LED lighting comes with a rated life calculation. However, these specifications can be deceiving. Typically, a lab tests LED lights on a 6,000-hour sample. After testing them at two temperatures, a manufacturer can then decide which temperature to choose and highlight on the specification sheet.
The result is that you often end up with a rated life calculation that is only achievable in a narrow temperature range, which usually doesn’t represent your typical commercial environment. Be sure your LED installation team understands the true scope of the rated life calculation before installing LED lighting.

Confusing CRI and CCT
These two measurements are easy to confuse but important to define carefully. CCT is measured in degrees Kelvin and shows you the color of the light. For example, a CCT of 2,700K will typically emit an orange or yellow light, while a CCT of 5,000K will appear blue.
CRI, on the other hand, is the color rendering index. This measures the relation of the true color and actual color. A CRI rating of 100 is best, while a lower rating means the LED light will produce slightly diminished coloring.

Choosing an Inexperienced Company
Finally, the biggest mistake in LED conversion is hiring an inexperienced team simply based on cost or convenience. Choose a qualified, experienced team of lighting experts to ensure long-lasting performance and efficient, safe installation. Contact Progressive Energy Solutions today to receive an estimate on a full or partial LED conversion for your commercial building. Avoid these mistakes and put your lighting conversion project in safe hands. Call 720-487-1521 or email us today to learn more! posted: November 27, 2019
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Why Energy Efficient Lighting Matters

Many companies are going green by reducing their energy use. To achieve this, business owners often invest tens of thousands of dollars in big upgrades, such as triple-glazed glass, better HVAC systems, and solar panels. All of these are great ways to save money on energy costs, but a much more affordable option is switching to energy-efficient lighting.

Protect the Environment
According to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey, eight in 10 Americans believe human activity fuels climate change. This compelled many companies to adopt more environmentally-conscious practices to meet the demands of consumers for greener initiatives. Energy-efficient lighting is one way a company can reduce its energy use.
Reducing the use of energy that comes from fossil fuels helps to fight pollution. If your company is already using solar panels, it may also help your batteries to retain charge for a longer period of time. This is especially important at night and on overcast days.

Lower Operation Costs
Regardless of where consumers and business owners stand on climate change, no one can deny the cost-savings from using less energy. LED lights are 27% more efficient than traditional bulbs, which racks up corresponding savings on your energy bill.
This puts more money into the pockets of business owners or in the pockets of the business itself. Some businesses choose to reinvest this money into further energy upgrades or other aspects of the business.

Cost-Savings for All
When companies reduce operating costs, they may decide to pass this on to their customers. In addition to this, commercial enterprises may lower the cost of energy in their consumers’ homes. Almost every American household has made some adjustments to reduce their carbon footprint.
Commercial businesses, however, have the largest. When commercial enterprises lower their energy consumption, this lowers the demand for energy from the power grid. When there is less demand, prices may reduce accordingly.
Worried that upgrading to more energy-efficient lighting won’t fit your budget this year? We offer financing options. Contact Progressive Energy Solutions by calling 720-487-1521 or emailing us today! posted: October 23, 2019
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Advantages of LED Lights in Schools

The lighting in schools has changed drastically over the last century. Before the 1930s, schools were lit by daylight, but in 1945 fluorescent lighting was introduced to schoolhouses. These were economically friendly options at the time. However, fluorescent lighting is no longer the best option, especially when you take LED lighting into consideration.

Environmentally and Wallet-Friendly

LEDs are recyclable. When it comes to lighting options, LEDs are the most environmentally friendly. LED lighting uses much less energy than other forms of lighting technology, resulting in lower energy and maintenance costs. When switching to LED lights, you can decrease energy consumption by 35%. Most schools could use the money they save on more important things.  

Psychologically Beneficial

Did you know that LED lighting can help improve relaxation, mood, and concentration? When it comes to a student’s physical health, his or her circadian rhythm has an impact. Cooler color temperatures help students wake up in the morning and aids in focus. Students are more alert and ready to learn.
Bright lights can also help treat depression. In the winter months, students are prone to seasonal depression, after all, they miss out on a lot of daylight hours. Switching to LED lights can encourage a bright mood.  

Increase Learning Ability

When you have proper lighting in a school, you can create an effective learning environment. It is important that students are able to move throughout the school at ease, using LED lighting throughout the school can do this.  Color temperature has an effect on students’ visual skills. If you adjust school lighting to match the energy level needs of the students, they will be more productive.

For commercial lighting installation in your school, contact Progressive Energy Solutions. LED lighting can be crucial to the safety, health, and academic performance of students. How your building is lit will play a role in the student’s ability to learn. Call 720-487-1521 or email us to make a positive impact on your school today! posted: September 25, 2019
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Top 3 Reasons to Choose LED Parking Garage Lighting

Electricity costs can be a major factor in reducing profits from parking garages. Regardless of the size of the garage, find out how your professional parking garage can benefit from upgrading to LED lighting. Here are three common reasons that professional garages switch to LED lighting.

Improved Performance
LED lighting is a high-performance alternative to traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting. With LED, your lights will shine much brighter and have a more comfortable color. Most LED options allow you to spread light more consistently rather than a single hot spot and diffused light spreading out.
When you switch to LED, you have the option of altering the color of your lights. Whether you want to adjust to a more natural lighting, color-code particular areas of your parking garage, or simply leave them at a pure white light, you’ll enjoy a wider range of performance customization when you use the latest LED lighting.

Reduced Maintenance Costs
Choose an innovative LED bulb and fixture and you’ll enjoy a long-lasting light source. Unlike traditional lights, you can expect your LED light to last far longer and avoid sudden burnouts. These dynamic lights slowly lose their efficiency, which gives you time to replace them before they completely lose power.

Increased Energy Efficiency
Discover how your parking garage can enjoy up to 60% energy savings compared to traditional lighting. While the initial investment may be more to upgrade to LED, your parking garage will save money the first month and continue to save money throughout the life of your new lighting.

If you’re ready to receive a quote and discover an affordable, energy-efficient, and high-performance alternative to your current lighting, contact Progressive Energy Solutions today. Don’t let the upfront investment keep you from saving money in the long run and taking advantage of all the excellent features and high-intensity light available to you. Contact us by calling 720-487-1521 or sending an email today! posted: August 12, 2019
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The Basics of LED Lighting

Did you know that lighting can affect your mood and concentration? With people spending more time indoors, at home, school, and work, the sun alone can no longer meet all their lighting needs. Because of this, many people invest in LED lighting to enjoy some of the many benefits it brings to the table.
What Is LED Lighting?
Short for light-emitting diodes, LED devices are considered solid-state lighting devices because they do not use gases to convert electricity into light. LEDs also tend to direct light in a specific direction, unlike other forms of lighting that tend to emit light in all directions. Most LED lights appear white due to the blue light produced and its combination with phosphor materials. Manufacturers may also use these materials to create red, green, and true-blue lights.
What Are the Benefits?
The most common benefit you may already know of when it comes to LEDs is that they are extremely energy efficient. In fact, they are considered the most energy-efficient option currently available. They can cut energy bills in half when switching from more conventional lighting options. LED lighting also lasts 20 times longer than other bulbs. Finally, they neither use, nor emit, harmful chemicals and they are 100% recyclable.
What About Mood and Concentration?
Light helps people to focus more, but it depends on the type of light. White light tends to wake people up, while amber lighting indicates to the body that it is time to slow down. Alertness, and the ability to retain important information, also improves with bright light. In addition to this, it helps treat depression. This is not only effective for people during harsh winter conditions, but also people who work night shifts.
Are you thinking of switching to LED lighting in your building to create a healthier environment and save money in the process? Contact Progressive Energy Solutions by calling 720-487-1521 or sending an email for more information on why LED lighting may be one of the best transitions you ever make.
  posted: July 25, 2019
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Make Over Your Commercial Exterior Lighting for More Efficiency and a Better Cost

Most property owners are aware of how much their exterior lighting makes a difference for business. Take a car lot for example, when someone shops during the evening, they want a good look at the car they’re considering purchasing. Without the right lighting, the vehicles may not look as shiny and new as the owner would like. It’s also an essential for safety and security. While commercial lighting is an important part of business, more isn’t always better. Did you know there are a few ways you can make over your exterior lighting setup to gain greater efficiency at a better cost? Check it out!
Audit and Design
Before you settle for what you already have, you may want to consider an energy audit. This service will give you a look at the energy your property consumes overall, as well as what your outdoor lighting is adding to it. With an audit in hand, you can have a professional design a new setup that will better control the amount of energy your exterior lights put out.
 Advances in Technology
With the advances in technology, you can reduce the amount of light fixtures you have on your property without having to sacrifice light. An optimized LED design gives you control over dimming lights when they need to be, lighting certain areas of the property more fully, and taking light away from the areas it doesn’t need to reach.
Let the Professionals Take the Lead
When you consider overhauling your exterior lighting, let the professionals take the lead. Someone who works with the latest and greatest in outdoor lighting will know where to cut back and where to add. They’ll know how to implement LEDs to make the most of the area you need to cover and which lighting fixtures will save you the most on your next energy bill. Contact Progressive Energy Solutions by calling 720-487-1521 or emailing us today! posted: June 21, 2019
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Energy Efficient Lighting: Save Money from Rebates and Utility Bills

When it comes to newly developed lighting solutions, technology has come a long way. There are now various ways to save energy and money, making lighting more friendly in both a business and environmental way. While this is highly beneficial to those who already have the new fixtures installed, there is a problem for anyone who still has older methods of lighting: the costs of upgrading.
Improvement Expenses
When it comes to any sort of upgrade or improvement in your building, the work and equipment involved can be quite costly. Many times, you can balance out the costs with a return on investment (ROI), but you may not be able to see such a positive change quickly enough to make the investment seem worth it. However, ROI is not the only way to offset the price of replacement.
Lighting Rebates
Due to the positive impact on the environment, many sources incentivize these helpful changes. The federal government can be an encouraging factor, while state and local areas may also offer their own rebates. These additional payments can come through a number of manners in order to offset the costs and allow you to make profit from going through with such a positive change.
How Do You Get Rebates?
There are a variety of different types of rebates that can involve some confusing specifications and paperwork, but it’s a great idea to take advantage of these financial benefits while you can. Saving money on installation followed by saving money on utility bills can be a great deal of help while also aiding the planet.
While the complexities behind state and local determined rebates can be overwhelming, Progressive Energy Solutions can help those in the Denver area and all throughout Colorado to find the best choices depending on what you require. With our help and knowledge of rebates, we can handle the paperwork and application processes involved. Contact Progressive Energy Solutions at 720-487-1521 or email Randy at randy@progressiveenergysolutions.biz to start working on reducing your energy usage while also saving money! posted: May 17, 2019
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Why You Should Look Into Delamping Your Commercial Lights

Your business needs proper lighting. It attracts customers, it helps you do your job properly and it brightens up your image. Do you have too much going on though? Are there some things you can do to keep that image and that attraction without so much light?  Delamping is a process in which you upgrade your commercial property by removing or replacing light bulbs and fixtures that are giving off unneeded illumination. Why is it important?
Energy Reduction
Anyway you can effectively reduce energy consumption on your commercial property should be done. After a lighting assessment, you’ll know where you can cut back in order to sustain light but reduce energy. For example, a light fixture with a place for four light bulbs can often give off just as much light with two LED light bulbs.
Improved Aesthetics
It’s possible to have an area that’s too bright. As was previously mentioned, a light will brighten up an image and attract customers, but if there’s too much light it could make your products or advertisements look wrong. Instead of five lights surrounding one sign, you could install one spotlight to shine on the sign, offering just the right amount to make it stand out without being washed out.
Financial Savings
Anytime you reduce energy consumption, you’ll see financial savings on your next energy bill. It’s not just good for the environment; it’s good for your company’s bank account. If you remove certain fixtures, you can sell them for an even greater profit all around. With that savings, you can focus on other improvements, build your inventory or complete a variety of other smart business endeavors.
Contacting the Professionals
Looking at your commercial lighting a little differently can help you reduce energy consumption, improve aesthetics and save money. When you are ready to look at delamping and how it can benefit your business, contact the professionals at Progressive Energy Solutions by calling 720-487-1521posted: April 5, 2019
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Why Your Business Needs Proper Exterior Lighting

When it comes to maintaining commercial spaces, there’s a lot to think about. Business owners must consider everything from product presentation to interior design elements, though it’s crucial to maintain sight of outdoor areas. The right kind of exterior lighting can make a business more attractive to customers. It can promote safety, reduce energy costs and even deter criminal activity. Consider the advantages of reoutfitting your business’ outdoor space today.
Safety and Security
Like homeowners, business proprietors must protect against liability in the case of an accident. A smart starting point is to ensure that your location’s entrances and surroundings are well kept, and of course, well lit. Fixtures that provide more illumination decrease chances of accidental injuries on or around your property, an important aspect of protecting any commercial endeavor.
Meanwhile, brightening up your establishment can also serve to deter would-be thieves from targeting your property. Dark corners and out-of-sight positions make it easier for burglars to do their deeds unnoticed, so try to limit their availability whenever possible.
Efficiency and Appeal
Has it been long since you’ve updated your lighting fixtures? If so, there’s a decent chance you’re not utilizing the most efficient types of technologies available. An upfront investment in better-performing products could save you money in the long-term, boosting the overall viability of your enterprise.
Updating outdoor lighting rigs can also be a great way to attract customers. Whether you’re running a retail shop, an eatery or another type of establishment, fresh visual additions can catch eyes and attention just as effectively as a big sale.
Commercial Solutions in Colorado
It’s clear that businesses in Denver and throughout Colorado can benefit from exterior lighting improvements. Progressive Energy Solutions offers quality products and services for a wide range of outdoor needs, from commercial exteriors to parking lots. Get in touch today by calling 720-487-1521 and discover how your business can benefit. posted: March 22, 2019
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