Debunking 5 Common LED Lighting Myths

LED lighting is growing in popularity. While some businesses have made the switch to LED, some are still weighing out the pros and cons. In order to know whether LED lighting is right for your commercial property, you need to know the myths and the truth behind them. Here are five of the most common LED lighting myths.
LEDS Are Expensive
The truth is that LED bulbs and fixtures do have a higher upfront cost. However, the prices do continue to drop. In addition, the energy savings that you receive when using LEDs makes up for the cost. LED bulbs last 25 times more than incandescent bulbs.
LEDs Don’t Dim
In the past, dimmers only worked with incandescent or fluorescent light sources. The electrical properties of LED are different. However, power supply and dimmer manufacturers now cater to LED lights. You can dim your LED bulbs.
LEDs Are Too Dim
The electric current determined the light output of the LED. LED fixture installations provide the right amount of lighting for your building. This means that control is a lot higher than incandescent lighting. Lighting is customizable.
LEDs Don’t Generate Heat
LEDS may be more efficient, but they do generate wasted heat. Nothing can be completely efficient. The lighting fixture channels heat away from LEDs to reduce the temperature. This extends how long their lifespan is. Now, certain parts of the lighting fixture will be warm to the touch.
LEDS Last Forever
LEDs do last longer than the traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights. Some LED lighting fixtures have a lifetime of over 11 years! LED lights do dim over time, instead of burning out all at once. So, instead of waiting for the LED to burn out, you should replace it when you only see a fraction of the original brightness, such as at 70% or 50%.
When it comes to LED lighting, it is incredible versatile and more cost effective than traditional lights. To get help with your LED lighting, contact Progressive Energy Solutions at 720-487-1521 today!
posted: December 19, 2018 - Progressive Energy Solutions - Denver Lighting - Blog
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