2 Great Reasons to Switch Your Parking Garage to LED Lighting

It’s tempting to keep your eyes to the ground when considering the maintenance of a parking garage – that’s where the action happens. A poorly lit garage reflects badly on your property management and may be a magnet for crime. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to upgrade your lighting to LED.
The Quality of Lighting Is Improved
Metal halide lights emit a high-quality illumination when they are new, but they have a rapid decrease in light production, losing around 20% of their lumens in 6 months of normal use, and up to 50% by its half-life. And that life is short – 15,000 - 20,000 hours compared to perhaps 100,000 for LEDs. The lights are also aimed directly at the areas of use, instead of broadcasting 360 degrees, increasing efficiency and reducing light pollution.
LEDs are designed to direct their energy use to wavelengths visible to the human eye, whereas metal halide bulbs create a “dirtier” signal. Even worse, sodium lights create a harsh, yellow-orange glow. LEDs have a higher color rendering index than both, giving not only a more pleasant light to the viewer but reducing the number of watts needed to make an area seem well-lighted.
LEDs Save You Money
A parking garage has 24-hour lighting costs, meaning any per-kilowatt savings add up quickly. LEDs are 66% more energy-efficient than metal halide lights and last up to 85% longer, meaning fewer bulbs purchased but also fewer labor costs and hassles.
Plus, the price of LEDs has plummeted, falling about 85% in the last decade. But the curve is starting to level off, so this is the ideal time to balance replacement costs vs energy savings. You may also qualify for certain rebates if you retrofit. And the energy savings is great for the environment.
When you decide to replace your parking garage lighting, call Progressive Energy Solutions with any questions you have. Progressive Energy has been serving Colorado for years, successfully completing many major commercial lighting projects and garages around the state. Please call 720-487-1521 today for more information.  posted: January 24, 2019 - Progressive Energy Solutions - Denver Lighting - Blog
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