Why Your Commercial Facility Needs High Bay Lighting

Large-scale buildings are used for many purposes, from manufacturing and storage to commerce, education, and recreation. Brightening up these types of sprawling spaces demands a certain kind of lighting, particularly when high ceilings are involved. High bay fixtures provide an effective means to illuminate such locations evenly, accurately and safely. Consider some of the primary advantages this type of lighting offers your commercial facility.
High Bay Basics
As the name implies, high bay lights are positioned far from the floor and are typically used in buildings with a large amount of vertical space. They are affixed directly to, or in some cases, hang from a building’s ceiling. Certain attributes are typical to these fixtures:
  • They are usually positioned between 12 and 20 feet from the ground level
  • In terms of power, high bay lights are usually 150 watts and up
  • High bay lighting beam angles are generally 90 degrees or narrower 
 Key Benefits

While their applications vary widely, the reasons for installing high bay fixtures are fairly consistent. They deliver light that is both evenly distributed and consistent throughout large spaces, which is vital to work accuracy, efficiency, and safety. This type of lighting is also usually designed to prevent glare or other harsh qualities, reducing the chances of eyestrain or headaches for those who spend long durations indoors.
As they are generally suspended or attached to ceilings, high bay lights do not impact your available floor space. In this way, they also reduce the number of potential obstacles that might inhibit employees, clients, and other visitors.
Outfit Your Facility
Doing business without proper visibility is never a good idea. Don’t neglect the safety of your staff or the efficiency of your operations; place a call to Progressive Energy Solutions in Denver today at 720-487-1521. Their knowledgeable technicians are proud to serve customers throughout Colorado, delivering cost-effective solutions for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. posted: February 28, 2019 - Progressive Energy Solutions - Denver Lighting - Blog
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