Why You Should Look Into Delamping Your Commercial Lights

Your business needs proper lighting. It attracts customers, it helps you do your job properly and it brightens up your image. Do you have too much going on though? Are there some things you can do to keep that image and that attraction without so much light?  Delamping is a process in which you upgrade your commercial property by removing or replacing light bulbs and fixtures that are giving off unneeded illumination. Why is it important?
Energy Reduction
Anyway you can effectively reduce energy consumption on your commercial property should be done. After a lighting assessment, you’ll know where you can cut back in order to sustain light but reduce energy. For example, a light fixture with a place for four light bulbs can often give off just as much light with two LED light bulbs.
Improved Aesthetics
It’s possible to have an area that’s too bright. As was previously mentioned, a light will brighten up an image and attract customers, but if there’s too much light it could make your products or advertisements look wrong. Instead of five lights surrounding one sign, you could install one spotlight to shine on the sign, offering just the right amount to make it stand out without being washed out.
Financial Savings
Anytime you reduce energy consumption, you’ll see financial savings on your next energy bill. It’s not just good for the environment; it’s good for your company’s bank account. If you remove certain fixtures, you can sell them for an even greater profit all around. With that savings, you can focus on other improvements, build your inventory or complete a variety of other smart business endeavors.
Contacting the Professionals
Looking at your commercial lighting a little differently can help you reduce energy consumption, improve aesthetics and save money. When you are ready to look at delamping and how it can benefit your business, contact the professionals at Progressive Energy Solutions by calling 720-487-1521posted: April 5, 2019 - Progressive Energy Solutions - Denver Lighting - Blog
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