Energy Efficient Lighting: Save Money from Rebates and Utility Bills

When it comes to newly developed lighting solutions, technology has come a long way. There are now various ways to save energy and money, making lighting more friendly in both a business and environmental way. While this is highly beneficial to those who already have the new fixtures installed, there is a problem for anyone who still has older methods of lighting: the costs of upgrading.
Improvement Expenses
When it comes to any sort of upgrade or improvement in your building, the work and equipment involved can be quite costly. Many times, you can balance out the costs with a return on investment (ROI), but you may not be able to see such a positive change quickly enough to make the investment seem worth it. However, ROI is not the only way to offset the price of replacement.
Lighting Rebates
Due to the positive impact on the environment, many sources incentivize these helpful changes. The federal government can be an encouraging factor, while state and local areas may also offer their own rebates. These additional payments can come through a number of manners in order to offset the costs and allow you to make profit from going through with such a positive change.
How Do You Get Rebates?
There are a variety of different types of rebates that can involve some confusing specifications and paperwork, but it’s a great idea to take advantage of these financial benefits while you can. Saving money on installation followed by saving money on utility bills can be a great deal of help while also aiding the planet.
While the complexities behind state and local determined rebates can be overwhelming, Progressive Energy Solutions can help those in the Denver area and all throughout Colorado to find the best choices depending on what you require. With our help and knowledge of rebates, we can handle the paperwork and application processes involved. Contact Progressive Energy Solutions at 720-487-1521 or email Randy at to start working on reducing your energy usage while also saving money! posted: May 17, 2019 - Progressive Energy Solutions - Denver Lighting - Blog
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