Make Over Your Commercial Exterior Lighting for More Efficiency and a Better Cost

Most property owners are aware of how much their exterior lighting makes a difference for business. Take a car lot for example, when someone shops during the evening, they want a good look at the car they’re considering purchasing. Without the right lighting, the vehicles may not look as shiny and new as the owner would like. It’s also an essential for safety and security. While commercial lighting is an important part of business, more isn’t always better. Did you know there are a few ways you can make over your exterior lighting setup to gain greater efficiency at a better cost? Check it out!
Audit and Design
Before you settle for what you already have, you may want to consider an energy audit. This service will give you a look at the energy your property consumes overall, as well as what your outdoor lighting is adding to it. With an audit in hand, you can have a professional design a new setup that will better control the amount of energy your exterior lights put out.
 Advances in Technology
With the advances in technology, you can reduce the amount of light fixtures you have on your property without having to sacrifice light. An optimized LED design gives you control over dimming lights when they need to be, lighting certain areas of the property more fully, and taking light away from the areas it doesn’t need to reach.
Let the Professionals Take the Lead
When you consider overhauling your exterior lighting, let the professionals take the lead. Someone who works with the latest and greatest in outdoor lighting will know where to cut back and where to add. They’ll know how to implement LEDs to make the most of the area you need to cover and which lighting fixtures will save you the most on your next energy bill. Contact Progressive Energy Solutions by calling 720-487-1521 or emailing us today! posted: June 21, 2019 - Progressive Energy Solutions - Denver Lighting - Blog
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